New eBook: Archiving Mainframe Data for Regulatory Compliance

Meeting compliance in accordance to regulatory policies of how mainframe data is stored and accessed is a challenge for most organizations.

Companies must balance compliance requirements with operating expenses. To offset the high data storage costs on the mainframe, many enterprises store massive amounts of mainframe data on tape. While this solution provides a budget-friendly storage alternative, it also creates a problem: the archived data becomes difficult to access.

Our  new eBook, Archiving Mainframe Data for Regulatory Compliance, offers a better solution.

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By securely transferring your data from mainframe to Hadoop using Syncsort DMX-h, you can replace the expensive and time-consuming practice of archiving data to tape altogether and take advantage of a compliance-friendly environment!

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Jamie Heckler

Authored by Jamie Heckler

Jamie Heckler is the Senior Web Content Manager at Syncsort.

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