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12 Years in a Row…We Are a Leader in Gartner’s Data Quality Magic Quadrant!

Last week, Gartner Group published their Data Quality Magic Quadrant. I am very proud to say Syncsort’s Trillium data quality software is again a leader for the 12th year in a row, every year since Gartner has been publishing their Data Quality Magic Quadrant! We announced the recognition by Gartner today.

As you know, Syncsort acquired Trillium Software late last year. Since being part of Syncsort, my alma mater, we’ve been able to continue advancing our data quality portfolio of products with announcements such as Trillium Precise and Trillium Quality for Big Data (more on this below).

Download the Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

Creating a Single View of Customers

One of our customers’ most popular use cases is creating a single view of their customers. The software supports any entity type, not just customer, such as product, supplier, etc., and we have customers using our products to take advantage of that flexibility. Customer is definitely the most prevalent.

The Data Quality Magic Quadrant report recognizes the strength and stability of Syncsort’s Trillium Software System (TSS) and Global Locator. Our product simply works, out of the box, and is reliable for our customers. I met with a customer just recently who said to us that Trillium is very stable and is relied upon by over 1,500 analysts doing customer analytics every week.

Customer 360 - Know your customers from every angle.

We ensure single view, and also validate & enrich data such as world-wide postal addresses (no need to go to many third-parties to get the data), geocoding (latitude/longitude) and now with Trillium Precise we can validate email and phone numbers as well.

For more information around the customer 360 use case, check out our eBook: Getting Closer to Your Customers in a Big Data World


Deploying Data Quality across Big Data

In September, during the Strata Data Conference in New York City, we announced Trillium Quality for Big Data. With this product, new and existing customers can take their batch projects and now deploy them seamlessly into Big Data environments. Leveraging Syncsort’s Intelligent Execution technology, Trillium Quality for Big Data can be deployed seamlessly to a single server, Hadoop MapReduce or Spark.

Aligning Data Quality to Data Governance

Finally, our Trillium Discovery Center is getting rave reviews from our customers allowing them to deploy the data profiling to non-technical users in the business. Our other most popular use case is around data governance. With our business rules, users can now create the technical implementation of data quality and policies as defined in partner tools such as Collibra Data Governance Center and ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more out of the box integration with our partners’ products.

Oh and by the way, the Trillium Discovery Center is completely browser-based so it’s cloud-ready, another area where we are seeing tremendous growth and received credit from Gartner.

I am very proud of Syncsort and our data quality software employees, customers and partners. I congratulate everyone for the hard work and the well-deserved recognition as a leader in the data quality market.

Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report to learn how leading solutions can help you achieve your long-term data quality objectives.



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