Ironstream Version 2-1

Video: Ironstream Version 2.1: The Data Forwarder for IBM Z

Ironstream has already established itself as the premier mainframe-to-Splunk data forwarding solution. The recent release of Ironstream version 2.1 added a number of key features that further distanced itself from any competition.

In keeping with their track record of enabling customers to quickly extract value from their critical data, Syncsort is empowering enterprises to make better decisions by making mission-critical mainframe data available in another popular analytics platform.

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The release of Ironstream version 2.1 included these enhanced features:

  • Added capability to forward data to the Elastic stack, providing a choice of analytics platform target
  • Included a comprehensive set of IMS log records with synchronous and asynchronous delivery
  • Increased number of SMF types
  • Enhanced SMF collection – via EXITs and Logstream In-Memory
  • Accelerated Under-the-hood performance improvements

Watch the video below to learn more about Ironstream and what’s new in version 2.1.

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Rich Fronheiser

Authored by Rich Fronheiser

Rich has been working in Capacity Management for over 20 years and is currently Director of Product Marketing at Syncsort, focusing on athene®, Ironstream®, and other Data Infrastructure Optimization products. Rich joined the Syncsort team as part of its 2017 acquisition of Metron. His work began at Metron in 2003 as the first US-based Principal Consultant, which saw him in a variety of presales and post-sales consulting and education roles supporting the sales organization. In 2011, he turned his attention to product and corporate marketing and became the Chief Marketing Officer of Metron in April 2013 and served in that role through the acquisition by Syncsort. Rich earned a BS in Mathematics from Juniata College (PA) and an MBA (Management) from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He’s also earned the ITIL v2 Manager and ITIL v3 Expert certification.

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