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Big Data? Bring it On!

More than ever, data is permeating every aspect of our lives, from the way we do business to the individual choices that we make such as a picking a specific restaurant or a consumer product. More than ever, we all play a key role as producers and consumers of information. This brings an enormous challenge to organizations who must transform this data into much needed insights:  insights to grow, to compete, to survive.

Last week, hundreds of organizations from all around the world gathered at the annual Teradata Partners user conference in San Diego to learn and exchange ideas on how to leverage one of their most valuable assets: their data. Hundreds of sessions, analysts, and employees from all sectors and industries revolved around a few common denominators:

  • Extreme data volumes: every day organizations collect a tremendous amount of data, coming from multiple and often disparate sources
  • Accessibility of information: new paradigms such as mobility and collaboration are increasing the accessibility of information, making information available to thousands of previously under-served users
  • Effective data integration strategies: extreme data volumes coupled with new and revolutionary paradigms for accessing and delivering information will demand extreme data integration solutions

To date, most data integration strategies have focused solely on solving functional problems, neglecting the need for fast performance and extreme data volumes. Therefore, organizations are increasingly facing critical performance bottlenecks that can hinder their ability to capitalize on their IT investments, and thus to operate and compete. For instance, a major health care management organization must deliver hundreds of thousands of reports containing daily claims to insurance companies. Failure to deliver these reports to its customers can result in critical errors administering and delivering health benefits to individuals. Similarly, businesses in all industries and markets are increasingly facing performance bottlenecks in diverse areas.

Three weeks ago I joined a company that – along with great people and unique technology – has set itself to address the data integration “acceleration” challenge in a world of extreme data volumes and increasing demands for information:  How to accelerate the existing data integration processes to fit into the ever shrinking batch windows? How to help companies harness the power of their data?

Organizations that can build holistic data integration strategies – looking not only at functional but also at performance requirements – to provide timely, relevant information to the hand of common non-technical users, will succeed in capturing new markets and revenue opportunities.

Is your organization ready to take the challenge? The journey promises to be not only challenging but also exciting and rewarding. There’s no place I would rather be today.

The industry says “Big Data” I say, Bring it on! See you next time at Syncsort!

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