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DMExpress 6.5 is Here!

The tide is changing. Just as everyone is talking about high performance, businesses and governments alike are struggling to unlock more value from their data in less time. It is no wonder that a growing number of IT professionals around the world are recognizing the need for fast, simple and efficient data integration.

Did somebody say FAST? Yes, performance is now more than ever a critical success factor for any data integration initiative. After all, time is money, right?  Well, the same principle applies for your data. Information is only valuable as long as it is actionable and relevant. And in most cases, the actionable window is shrinking. Performance becomes a matter of practical survival.

I’m in Orlando this week at the TDWI conference where Syncsort is making one of its biggest data integration product announcements in years. I cannot help but thinking that the timing could not be any better for DMExpress 6.5. Did someone say Data Integration Acceleration?   Yes, it’s all about clearing data performance bottlenecks without killing your budget during the process: simple, efficient and fast. For us, DMExpress 6.5 is more than just another product release. It is Data Integration Acceleration delivered for customers!


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