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Is Data Integration Acceleration On Your Holiday Wish List?

As we all prepare to wrap up the year, I can’t help but think about the great opportunities and challenges for the upcoming year. Our industry is hotter than ever. We’re witnessing an unprecedented creation of and demand for information. The exponential adoption of mobile technologies continues to push the demands for data even higher and faster than ever before. In this environment of unconstrained mobility and 24×7 operations, organizations are increasingly facing the same challenge of how to transform terabytes of data into relevant, consumable information in a timely manner.

To date, most organizations have invested millions of dollars on procuring, implementing and maintaining data integration tools that perform critical processes within the information “value-chain.” Unfortunately, the majority of existing data integration implementations are focused solely on solving functional problems, neglecting the need for fast performance and data scalability. Altogether, the explosion of data and the lack of scalable, performance-driven DI tools have created critical data performance bottlenecks that can hinder an organization’s ability to operate and compete.

For example, at this very moment a leading online retailer must analyze hundreds of millions of records to derive critical information about customer preferences, online behavior, and latest trends. Failure to do so can result in severe revenue losses and customer attrition during this holiday season. Similarly, businesses in all industries and markets are increasingly facing data performance bottlenecks in areas such as business intelligence, data warehousing, marketing analytics, and clickstream analysis to name a few.  Therefore, the key question many organizations are asking is how do we accelerate our existing data integration processes to fit into the ever shrinking batch windows?

In order to solve this problem, organizations have to look at solutions that seamlessly leverage and integrate with their existing infrastructure while providing the required performance boost to remain relevant and competitive. This is what data integration acceleration is all about! In fact, data integration acceleration can very well play a big role in determining the success of any new or existing data initiative in the coming years. If it isn’t already on it, data integration acceleration just might make a worthy addition to your holiday wish list!

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