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Today’s Forecast: More Data, Less Budget

Big data for small budgets: that seems to be the outlook for 2011. In fact, this is a trend we’ve seen for a few years now. The recession has struck every department within organizations, and IT has not been an exception. While IT spending remained relatively strong in 2010, most experts are predicting that budgets will probably grow little – if at all – in 2011.

At the same time, according to a Gartner survey cited in a recent article from Laura Smith (Budgets, big data, and staffing among top CIO concerns) data volumes are expected to grow more than 800% within the next five years. As we mentioned in previous posts, this growth has been largely fueled in recent years by 2 factors: mobile technologies and a tremendous increase of content producers thanks to new collaboration paradigms.

So, where will most of the IT dollars go?  Unfortunately, a big chunk of our budgets are still going to hardware and staffing to maintain SLAs on existing initiatives. However, as organizations are challenged to do more with less, they will turn to solutions that can scale to support an exponential data growth without corresponding increases in staff, hardware, and software. In other words, scalability is not only about performance, it is also about costs.

This is why increasingly more organizations are turning to Data Integration Acceleration solutions, such as DMExpress. Syncsort’s definition of scalability means:

  • Zero tuning required
    • Dynamically adapt to changing conditions such as number and type of sources
    • Automatically select the most efficient algorithms for your data
  • No massive hardware investments
    • Fastest performance on commodity hardware with minimum CPU and memory utilization
    • Automatically optimize performance based on hardware environment

Yes, zero tuning required! How many hours does your IT staff spend tuning and re-tuning your DI environment? How much additional hardware are you planning to buy in the next year to maintain your SLAs? How are increased tuning and increased hardware helping you reduce costs? As CIOs grow concerned about costs and IT staff, it might not be too late to rethink the strategy.

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