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What is Fast?

Recently, I had the chance to join my colleagues Steve Totman and Nikhil Kumar for a great conversation with Philip Howard, research director from Bloor Research, about Syncsort’s technology and the reasons why DMExpress is so fast. We always appreciate the opportunity to speak with someone like Philip – with his impressive 30+ years of experience in the data management world – about our “secret sauce” and love it even more when it seems to leave a strong impression!

But, what is fast? In our world fast means the ability to process large data volumes in less time and with less resources. How fast? Well, DMExpress can process data as fast as native I/O speed, which pretty much means there’s nothing faster.

But the real question is, what does that mean to me? Because in the end, it’s all about doing more with less, right? In the end is about costs, about business agility and being able respond faster to new demands for information.

Faster means you can offload your database by performing transformations on your ETL tool. Faster means you can spend less money on additional database capacity and more on supporting new initiatives. Faster means you get extra time to add new data sources. Faster means you spend less time fine-tuning and more time developing new reports. Faster means you can outpace the competition with information that is timely, relevant, and actionable.

So, how is DMExpress able to accomplish all these? Well, I think Philip Howard does an excellent job explaining this. You can read his article, “How Come Syncsort is So Fast and What Does That Mean?,” on Bloor Research’s website.

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