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Closing Time – The Beginning of an Information Revolution

We’re witnessing the end of an era. His leadership, his temper and his vision have forever changed the world. First, the personal computer, then mobile computing. The impact can be felt not only on the consumer electronics industry, but on every aspect of our daily lives: the way we shop, the way we interact with our acquaintances, the way we do business. For everyone in the information technology industry, mobile sparked a whole revolution. It opened the door for millions of new users and created a fertile soil in which consumers have become producers of information through collaboration. Finally, it has initiated a dramatic shift of power from IT to the business user.

The same way cellular phone adoption has largely outpaced land-line phones, mobile internet has outpaced desktop internet. For all of us, this means millions of new people now have access to the virtually unlimited amount of information available through the Internet. It is expected that this will continue to “flatten the world” through commerce and exchange of ideas.

As Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple, the information revolution is now well under way. The machine is in motion. The vision is timeless and the possibilities are endless. Farewell to one of the greatest entrepreneurs and visionaries of our time; and best wishes on his new role and the battles ahead.

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