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DMExpress Customer References Are Gold

In my role as director of product management for Syncsort’s data integration business, I spend a lot of time visiting and speaking with our DMExpress customers. One of the things that comes up regularly in these conversations is how difficult it is for companies to sort through all of the noise that technology vendors create around how their product is the best, fastest and most resource efficient. At Syncsort, we’ve increasingly adopted a simple approach: don’t take our word for it, hear what our DMExpress customers have to say.

There is little that is more satisfying in this business than when a customer feels so strongly about your product – and the value it delivers – that they feel compelled to speak publicly about it. Recently, we’ve had a couple of great examples of this with our customers at comScore and Co-operative Group.

comScore has long been a great advocate for DMExpress, and my colleague Jorge Lopez blogged after visiting them earlier this year about the amazing success of their business and how they are turning ‘Big Data’ into a real business opportunity. Most recently, comScore’s CTO Mike Brown (full disclosure that Mike is a member of our customer advisory board) spoke with InformationWeek’s Doug Henschen for a feature on “10 Lessons Learned By Big Data Pioneers.”  Mike had done an interview earlier in the year with InformationWeek that resulted in a great story, but it was great in this new piece to see him talking about how sorting improves compression and cuts processing time. comScore uses DMExpress to sort data alphanumerically before loading it into Sybase IQ.  In the spirit of our simple approach stated above, here are Mike’s words to InformationWeek rather than my spin on it:

“Where 10 bytes of unsorted data can be compressed to three or four bytes…10 bytes of sorted data can typically be crunched down to one byte. That makes a huge different in the volume of data we have to store, and it streamlines our processes and reduces our capital costs.”

Another great DMExpress customer testimonial is with Co-operative Group. The UK retailer is currently featured in the new issue of Retail Technology magazine about its Store Merchandising and Replenishment Transformation (SMART) programme (the last word spelled “properly” for the benefit of my Syncsort UK colleague Steve Totman). The anticipated return on this effort around implementing a centralized ordering solution is approximately £1 million per month. Without DMExpress, the Co-operative Group states that it would not have been able to achieve the critical overnight batch processing that makes it all possible. Powerful stuff and more details can be found in this new success story. For those of you that don’t have the time to read the whole success story, I’ll leave you with the words of Peter Chapman, that SMART IS program manager:

“DMExpress is truly an unsung hero in our IT infrastructure. We have experienced zero downtime with DMExpress and are yet to raise a service call after nearly two years of continuous high-demand usage.”

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