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Settling in at Gartner Symposium

I am currently in Orlando for the first of two events happening here over the next couple weeks.  First is the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo, and the second is TDWI which kicks off later this month.  As hard as it is to believe, this is my first time to a Gartner Symposium, and I am very much enjoying the sessions, the insight, and meeting with colleagues, partners, and the Gartner analysts.

I am concentrating specifically on the data management and data integration sessions, but I am also very interested in the sessions on cloud, big data, and Hadoop.  I will also be spending time at the ITxpo aspect where vendors – Syncsort included – toot their own horn and try to impress the masses.

The data management and data integration sessions from analysts like Ted Friedman and Mark Beyer are particularly interesting to me. One of the benefits of my role at Syncsort is having the opportunity to regularly interact with smart analysts like Ted and Mark. It is impossible to participate in a briefing or advisory session with them and not learn something and/or engage in a spirited debate.  Specific sessions that have caught my eye at Symposium include:

I am interested in the trends that Gartner is seeing in the industry, interesting vendors and technology that have caught their attention, and most importantly what customers are sharing with them. It is always interesting to see how that last piece with customers aligns to what we are hearing from our customer base. For example, we are hearing more and more from prospects that they need to bring their transformations (the “T” in ETL) back to the ETL layer or engine. They’re experiencing performance and capacity issues with their current implementations.  More on this in the coming weeks, but in the meantime check out this video we recently put out on this issue.

Next is cloud.  I spend a lot of time talking to customers and thinking about the possibilities with the cloud from a data integration perspective. As part of this, I am constantly looking at the latest and greatest market projections and analysis.  I’m sure I will get my fill of this topic at Symposium and will share any key takeaways in this space in upcoming posts.

It would also be impossible to ignore anything Big Data and Hadoop related.  Everyone knows data is growing and there is a need to extract and process more data.  While many companies, including Syncsort, like to talk about social media and mobile, we are also seeing businesses wanting to handle more granular data and more historical data.  They don’t just want a month’s worth of a customer’s shopping habits or vendor purchases. Their marketing departments want 3 years worth of historical information…and they want it refreshed daily or even multiple times a day. Easy enough, right?

Enter Hadoop…ok, Hadoop entered several years ago.  But we are seeing more and more interest in what Syncsort can do for Hadoop.  At the conference, it’s going to be interesting to see what Gartner is saying and projecting for Hadoop usage, use cases, and the overall maturity of the Hadoop market and deployments.

Syncsort is also here with a strategic partner of ours, Clerity Solutions.  We are in booth 529 showcasing how we can work with leading re-hosting partners like Clerity (Micro Focus and Oracle too) to accelerate mainframe modernization and migration projects.  Stay tuned on Tuesday for a product announcement and we’ll be sharing thoughts throughout the week on Twitter, as well, using hashtag #GartnerSYM.

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