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Introducing DMExpress 7.0: The Inception of a New Approach to ETL

Managing unprecedented data growth while keeping up with performance requirements constitutes one of the major challenges organizations face in the era of ‘Big Data.’ On their quest to leverage information to properly support business objectives, IT departments have historically turned to inefficient workarounds that create significant complexity and escalating costs. In fact, according to a recent research report by the analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group, data integration complexity was the number one data analytics challenge, cited by over 270 respondent organizations.

That’s why increasingly more organizations are embarking on new initiatives to address a fundamental problem: accelerating performance while reducing the cost and complexity of their data integration environments. ETL 2.0, a new approach Syncsort recently started advocating, is our answer to this challenge.  Today, we are pleased to announce DMExpress 7.0, the foundation that we believe will start to make ETL 2.0 a reality for thousands of organizations.

DMExpress 7.0 incorporates key enhancements that further extend our leadership as the only ETL vendor that can provide a fast, efficient, simple, cost-effective approach to data integration. More importantly, the 7.0 release allows organizations to leverage more data than ever before while maintaining the flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost efficiencies required by the business.  The release includes significant enhancements in three key areas:

Scalable, self-tuning ETL Engine. This is the core of our software and a clear differentiator for Syncsort. Having a scalable, self-tuning ETL engine enables organizations to process data transformations in memory within the ETL engine, eliminating the need for staging and freeing up database capacity.  DMExpress 7.0 includes significant performance enhancements and I/O optimizations that deliver even faster performance at scale.

Enterprise Connectivity & Acceleration. DMExpress provides the ability to leverage virtually all sources of data as well as accelerate previous investments in data integration environments. DMExpress 7.0 extends Syncsort’s leadership on this area by delivering:

  • Tighter integration with Hadoop, including Load/Extract capabilities
  • Faster, easier data integration acceleration through bulk metadata import capabilities
  • Improved support for mainframe application modernization projects with expanded JCL SORT  control statement support, and out-of-the-box integration with leading re-hosting solutions

Simple, Agile ETL Development. We believe it should not take you days to install and configure data integration tools. In a matter of days, you should be able to install, develop and deploy your designs into production. That’s why DMExpress 7.0 extends the software’s ease of use, providing features to encourage reusability and collaboration to increase overall productivity.

A couple of months ago at TDWI World in San Diego, Syncsort defined a new approach to ETL, one that would deliver on the long overdue promises of data integration tools. We called this approach ETL 2.0.  Today from TDWI World in Orlando, we announce DMExpress 7.0, the first solution in the market to effectively deliver a completely new approach to data integration, the foundation of ETL 2.0.

DMExpress 7.0 will be generally available in December. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details on our upcoming DMExpress 7.0 release, straight from our R&D labs!

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