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Announcing DMExpress 7.0 General Availability

Last month, Syncsort introduced DMExpress 7.0, laying the foundation for our ETL 2.0 strategy. I’d encourage you to check out our ETL 2.0 video if you haven’t already. Today, I’m pleased to report that DMExpress 7.0 is now generally available for customers to download.

Since announcing DMExpress 7.0, we’ve had great feedback from customers, prospects and partners about the enhancements in the new release and the business benefits they will deliver. To quote my British colleague and fellow Syncsort blogger Steve Totman, the new release is “spot on.”

DMExpress users will see an automatic performance improvement (elapsed time) immediately after installing 7.0 for certain use cases.  More specifically, they will see this for certain types of joins where one side of the join can “fit” into memory at execution time. Our high-performance parallel join automatically kicks in now and users can see up to a 30 percent performance boost.

We have also enhanced performance for sorts, aggregations and joins when data sizes are greater than 12GB.  A greater improvement is also likely when the source data resides on a striped file system.

DMExpress 7.0 also includes a number of productivity enhancements in the DMExpress workstation, the graphical user interface for building ETL jobs and tasks. The global “find/search” now includes regular expressions. DMExpress also now saves settings such as file type, delimiters, DBMS, and more as “defaults” as the product is being used.

One last benefit that cannot be overlooked is Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) connectivity. DMExpress provides a fast, efficient way to get data into and out of Hadoop. More information on Syncsort’s Hadoop offerings is available on our website. It is also not too late to register and learn more about participating in Syncsort’s Hadoop beta program.

Finally, I must pass along a big congratulations and thank you to Syncsort’s DMExpress engineering group. Their passion and dedication to making the highest performing, most efficient ETL engine on the planet and their tireless work to support our ETL 2.0 strategy is truly special. They represent the very best of Syncsort and are a primary reason for the thousands of happy, loyal customers that we are so fortunate to have using our solutions today.

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