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Syncsort’s VP of Worldwide Sales Josh Rogers Talks Big Data

For those of you that regularly visit the Syncsort Blog, you no doubt are familiar with our data protection blogger extraordinaire Peter Eicher as well as our smart, insightful team of data integration bloggers including Steven Totman, Jorge A. Lopez and Keith Kohl. To kick off 2012 right, we’ve even added Dave Nahmias to the mix (welcome, Dave!). Syncsort bloggers always value feedback from their readers. Please don’t be shy about commenting on posts, letting us know what information is valuable and what is not, and challenging us when you have a different perspective.

One aspect of the blog that we plan to devote more time to in 2012 is the “Corner Office” section. This is intended to be a place where insights from Syncsort’s executive leadership team are shared with readers. At times, this will take the form of posts directly from the executives. Other times, I will be sharing links to things like media articles or significant news announcements where our executives are quoted (all part of my day job here at Syncsort!).

In the spirit of getting 2012 started on the right foot, I wanted to share a couple of media articles that you might have missed in December. Both feature extensive commentary from Syncsort’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales Josh Rogers on the topic that everyone seems to be speaking and writing about at the moment…Big Data.

Josh’s interview with Forbes’ Tom Groenfeldt includes some historical information about Syncsort and focuses on how the company today helps many of the world’s largest financial services firms process large volumes of data. Josh also had the opportunity recently to speak with BeyeNETWORK’s Ron Powell. The result is an interesting Q&A that explores why enterprises of all sizes are struggling to scale their data integration environments cost effectively to tap into the insights within Big Data.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2012, and are looking forward to interacting with many of you in the blogosphere!

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