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“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”… at least according to the popular tourism campaign. Pardon me for breaking this rule, but I believe an exception is in order when it is the TDWI World Conference that brings you to the Entertainment Capital of the World.

As seems to be the case at every TDWI event, I’m finding a vibrant, exciting blend of IT professionals eager to share and learn about the latest industry trends. However, what has really caught my attention this time around is the increasing level of awareness and interest in data integration.

There is no doubt in my mind that “Big Data” and mobile devices have been instrumental in catapulting business intelligence (BI) to the forefront. Information that was once reserved for a few business analysts and techies has become readily available and open to the entire organization via simple, easy-to-use mobile interfaces. This “democratization” of BI is demanding more information than ever before, and creating a significant need for faster, simpler, and more agile data integration solutions.

This is exactly what I’m hearing over and over again this week at the show. It seems like people are increasingly realizing that when all is said and done, data integration is the core that makes data available to the organization. Mobility has allowed BI tools to deliver on user demands for agile, self-service BI. Therefore, organizations have a greater need than ever before for fast, easy ETL development to minimize “time to BI.” This requires a level of performance and scalability capable of delivering all of the data that users are demanding. Interestingly enough, this was one of the common themes I heard during my visit to MicroStrategy World last month.

I had the opportunity earlier this week to speak with Shawn Rogers, an industry analyst and research vice president at Enterprise Management Associates. Syncsort has worked closely with Shawn for some time, and he made a great point about the role of data integration as an “enabler.” I could not agree more with Shawn, and it seems as though more and more IT professionals are coming around to this way of thinking too. In fact, we have seen more and more organizations turning to Syncsort to enable and accelerate BI initiatives.

Are you seeing this too? Is your data integration tool enabling your BI strategy?

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