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Combating Big Data Skills Concerns

Video segment two from Mitch Seigle’s time on “The Cube” at the Hadoop Summit 2012  focuses on the hot topic of Big Data skills.  Organizations are grappling with finding and retaining the right skill sets to not only handle long-existing and complex data management technology such as SQL, but also emerging Big Data technology such as Hadoop. Mitch speaks to the fact that technology exists today that can address both of these important areas.  

Syncsort DMExpress provides an environment in which people can become productive at programming to the higher-level tasks that they want to achieve in a matter of only days. As it relates to Hadoop, this means that users don’t need to learn how to write MapReduce and maintain Java and Pig scripts. Instead, they can leverage existing ETL/data integration skills and focus on driving value from the data.

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