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Take DMX-h ETL Pre-Release for a Test Drive!

Last Monday, we announced two new DMX-h Hadoop products, DMX-h Sort Edition and DMX-h ETL Edition.  Several Blog posts last week included why I thought the announcement was cool and also some Hadoop benchmarks on both TeraSort and also running ETL.

Part of our announcement was the DMX-h ETL Pre-Release Test Drive.  The test drive is a trial download of our DMX-h ETL software.  We have installed our software on our partner Cloudera’s VM (VMware) image complete with the user case accelerators, sample data, documentation and even videos.  While the download is a little large ─ ok it’s over 3GB─ it’s a complete VM with Linux and Cloudera’s CDH 4.2 Hadoop release (the DMX-h footprint is a mere 165MB!).

Test Drive visual for Kohl blog 052813


The use case accelerators allow users to get going quickly, not only with DMX-h ETL but also with the test drive itself.  We’ve included use cases that we hear consistently: how do I identify changes in 2 different data sets (change data capture), aggregating web log data, translating and loading mainframe data into HDFS, and more.

So that you can actually use the use case accelerators, we have included sample data, comprehensive documentation and even videos.

The test drive is not your normal download.  This is actually a pre-release of our DMX-h ETL product offering.  While we have announced our product, it is not generally available (GA) yet…scheduled for end of June.  We are offering a download of a product that isn’t even available yet…how many vendors do that?!

The test drive is not only about our users’ experience. While this is the primary focus, we also want to hear back so our users’ can influence our product.  We are using our community to ask questions but also for users to provide feedback on their test drive.

The DMX-h ETL Pre-Release Test Drive has been live for just over a week, and we have had literally hundreds of downloads.  Join the crowd and take the test drive.

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