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What does a website say about a company?

In the case of Syncsort, quite a bit!  While, many times, a new website represents little more than some lipstick applied to a tired company, for a few great organizations, it can represent a rebirth.  And so it is for Syncsort today.  As a 40 plus year old technology organization, we have seen quite a bit of change in the software sector.  And, we are very proud to be that rare organization that has successfully evolved our business model from the mainframe era to the age of big data.

So what does our website say about us?  Bold colors tell you we are a bold company that is on the cutting edge of the data integration and data protection businesses.  Our relaxed look and feel tells you we are easy to work with, but a company with serious solutions.  The new functionality we offer, such as downloadable test drives, multiple “how to” videos and amazing educational content all tell customers and prospects that Syncsort has Smarter software for superior data solutions.

So today is a big day for Syncsort…our coming out.  We are proud of our new site not only because it provides enhanced capabilities and a better user experience, but because it makes a statement about Syncsort.  It highlights our successful history, ground-breaking current products that are solving some of the most pressing data problems, and our commitment to future offerings that promise to deliver the type of innovation that has allowed Syncsort to thrive.  So check out and witness our rebirth along with all that this new site says about our company!

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