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How to unlock Big Data’s big potential

In a guest blog I wrote for CA Technologies, I discuss the new challenges that have emerged as Big Data technology moves from early adopters to a much broader, more mature user base.  The consumer internet companies that first embraced Big Data technology like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn were able to infuse software like Apache Hadoop at the very core of their offerings, however more “grown-up” businesses and government entities who want to follow in their footsteps already have massive technology environments, such as the mainframe, that have been built up over decades to handle their data systems of record and incredibly large transaction volumes. The new Big Data technology isn’t very useful if it can’t ingest and process the most important data stored in these systems!

The blog discusses the challenges that more established companies face as they look to take advantage of the value they can get from Big Data analysis.  It also includes a video of my “Luminaries: Take 5” talk on the state of big data and how we might tackle some of the challenges that lie ahead.

To read my full CA Corporate Perspectives guest blog, please visit,

Luminaries Take 5 Video

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