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Our New Mainframe Product Could Mean Big Data Size Cost Savings!

For over 20 years at Syncsort we’ve been diligently improving our Mainframe sort, copy and join utility, MFX – my team must have been doing something right as today, 50% of all mainframes run Syncsort MFX and we’re the most executed ISV product on the IBM mainframe.

Last week was an exciting week for us. We announced a new product named MFX ZPCopy. I’m sure you’ve seen numerous announcements from Syncsort’s Open System team about new products – it seems like every few months they launch something new and this is a trend that is going to continue on all platforms.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term Big Data and you could argue that the mainframe has been dealing with it long before it was called Big. But all the demands for analytics of big data have created an interesting demand and pressure for today’s cost sensitive mainframe teams. Today, on average, most companies spend 100’s of hours of CPU time every year just copying data on the mainframe. Every hour, minute and second of CPU time uses up valuable (and expensive) MSUs and we are seeing a dramatic increase in copy usage as downstream teams driven by interest in big data demand more data be copied and formatted for them.

So 18 months ago, the team at Syncsort sat down and started to plan how we could help mainframe customers take this critical new requirement and turn it into a cost and time saving opportunity. You can read more about ZPCopy here. It was built organically by the highly experienced team at Syncsort using our existing knowledge and positive experience offloading work to the zIIP engines.  We also included our unique PAV technology in the product so that applications that have their input and output on PAV capable devices will have their elapsed time improved by up to 25%. This helps customers meet ever tightening SLAs.

The first customer has already purchased the product and we’ve already seen a number of POC’s before we even formally announced the product. We provide an SMF analysis tool to access how much saving is possible with ZPCopy.  Recently one of these analyses showed the customer consumed 511 hours of CPU time yearly doing copies. Our ROI calculator assumes a CPU second is worth $0.12. This means that ZPCopy could save this customer $220,000 a year and with the increasing amount of this type of work just imagine what that total will be in a couple of years. Not bad savings for something you can deploy quickly and is transparent to user applications. They will start realizing the cost savings immediately.





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