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Introducing Ironcluster™ – Bringing Hadoop ETL to Amazon Elastic MapReduce in the Cloud

IronclusterToday, Syncsort is announcing our ETL Hadoop offering for the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  As organizations and individuals seek to learn more about Hadoop, try out new use cases, scale a cluster up and down easily, quickly & affordably, they are increasingly looking at cloud-based infrastructures.

Syncsort Ironcluster: Hadoop ETL for Amazon Elastic MapReduce – Release1, is the first and only ETL tool on AWS for Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon’s Hadoop cloud-based environment, available in the Amazon Marketplace!  In fact, there are a lot of firsts here:

  • First Data Integration-as-a-Service Engine for Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR)
  • Syncsort’s first cloud-based offering for Hadoop
  • As mentioned, the first and only ETL(Extract – Transform – Load) tool available for EMR
  • The first, and only, ETL product that is deeply integrated with MapReduce
  • A free-use version is available (more below)

There are many documented use cases for Hadoop, but a very common one is ETL.  Even when users don’t know they’re doing ETL, that’s what they’re doing.  WRT Hadoop, I’ve heard it called data refinement, data preparation, data management, etc.  But at the end of the day, they’re aggregating web logs to understand patterns, joining data to merge disparate data sources, sorting data, filtering and reformatting it, and so on.  That’s ETL!

When we started this project, our goal was to make it easy and attractive for users to get started using Ironcluster on EMR.  For instance,

  • It’s available in the Amazon Marketplace
  • There’s a free usage version available.  You still need to pay for your EC2 & EMR usage, but Ironcluster is available free of charge for up to 10 nodes.
  • The pricing is very attractive; there are 4 usage levels available depending on the number of nodes you have and the level of support you need

Usage Level

Maximum Nodes

Ironcluster Price/Hour




$0 – Free!

Online through our community




Community, email, phone




Community, email, phone




Community, email, phone


  • We provide examples and templates, what we call Use Case Accelerators, with documentation and even videos for users to get started quickly.  We have a Ironcluster resources page available to navigate the resources available
  • Nothing to download.  Everything is hosted in the cloud, including the graphical interface to develop & maintain the ETL jobs

So why is this “Release 1”?  This is obviously not the first release of our Hadoop product.  We released that back in May & June, but this is our first offering on Amazon EMR.  We’ve got many new enhancements and features planned to make the users’ experience even better.

If you happen to be at AWS re:Invent this week in Las Vegas, stop by booth #825 in re:Invent Central for a demo and to learn more from our technical experts.

Get started today and let us know what you think!

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