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After a Notable 2013, What’s Ahead for Syncsort in the New Year

As we look forward to 2014 at Syncsort, I have to start by expressing how privileged I feel to have been entrusted with the leadership of such an extraordinary company, and how grateful I am for the warmth and generosity that our customers, partners, employees and investors showed me as I came on board last year.

Two observations stand out from our successful 2013 and are influencing our future organic investments: first, the “offload” trend is real, and is playing out more quickly than even the most optimistic of us fully predicted. Enterprises have an aspiration to use Big Data technology for a wide variety of different kinds of advanced analytics using new sources of data — however many are funding the build out of these next-generation technology environments by first offloading existing data, inefficient processing, and annual spend from legacy systems onto less expensive platforms such as Apache Hadoop. Building on the successful launch in 2013 of our powerful Hadoop-based product line and our first new mainframe product in over 20 years, in the new year we’ll continue to focus our organic investments on making this offload journey as seamless as possible.

Second, the shift of data and associated computing workloads to public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform is accelerating, and the scale gap between the winners and losers – which affects both pricing and the pace-of-innovation — is widening. To assist enterprises in taking advantage of the ever-improving public cloud for their Big Data initiatives, we launched Ironcluster in 2013 ─ our easy-to-use, secure, infinitely scalable, Hadoop-based product that’s now available for free (up to 10 nodes) from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. (view my interview during our AWS announcement below) Expect more from us in this space in 2014.

Last year we also completed our first strategic acquisition, Circle Computer Group, which has been extremely well-received by customers and partners. In 2014, we plan to continue to invest for growth inorganically, acquiring software companies that have sustainably high-value technology, strong talent, and a leadership position in attractive markets. We’re particularly interested in companies with near-adjacent capabilities that will advance our “Big Iron to Big Data” technical strategy and complement our organic innovation.

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2014 — and Happy New Year!

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