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Last Day at Strata: From Data to Action & The Social Impact of Big Data

Last Day at Strata

It’s been an incredible week at the Strata conference. I’m personally refreshed to know there’s a growing ecosystem of very smart individuals from a wide variety of disciplines thinking about ways to leverage Big Data to solve the greatest problems of our generation: poverty, crime, human rights, energy consumption, decease… and the list goes on.

Ultimately, Big Data is all about driving value through action. To quote British science historian, Dr. James Burke, Information causes change. If not, then it’s not information… and I may add, thus there’s no value in it.

There’s no doubt Big Data is driving fundamental changes across the entire spectrum – from individuals, to organizations, to governments. But Dr. Burke’s keynote address today makes me think about a more serious question. What will a data driven society look like in ten or twenty years? How will we adapt our governments and our society to better respond to these new forces? Some may argue, we’ve always been a data-driven society, but even if we agree with that proposition, we must recognize that never before have humans and machines generated so much data at such a fast pace. Never before have the barriers for turning data into actionable information were so low. And never before, was information able to flow so freely around the globe.

That is the world of Big Data and we – at Syncsort – are thrilled to be part of it. Making it easier and faster for organizations to collect, process and distribute more data than ever thought possible.

Now it’s time to run to the airport. After a warm and energizing week at Strata, lots of snow and a couple of kids looking forward to slide through the slopes in a tiny sleuth await me this weekend.


See you again at Strata NYC!

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