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Warming up at Strata – On Day Zero, It’s Prime Time for Enterprise Grade Hadoop

I have to admit the idea of escaping winter storms and polar vortexes on the east was compelling enough for me to make the trip to Santa Clara, CA this year.

Strata SC

However, with day zero well under way, one thing it’s clear, it’s not the sun but the energy of thousands of data scientists, developers, and data enthusiasts warming up the atmosphere at the Big Data conference.

And what better way to kick-start the conference than with the new Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast just released by Wikibon. The numbers are a clear reflection of what is evident to all of us who have attended Big Data conferences for the past few years. A few interesting data points:

  • Growth: The Big Data market –including hardware, services, and software – has grown almost 4x in the past 3 years (2011 to 2014) and it’s tracking to almost double again by 2017!
  • Growth Drivers: Rapidly maturing technology, open source innovation (i.e. YARN), inclusion of enterprise-grade capabilities and of course a Big Data vision that is more compatible with the enterprise are big catalyzers for growth
  • Adoption Barriers: Lack of best practices to integrate big data technologies into existing infrastructure, security, and lack of targeted business applications continue to be the most common barriers for even wider adoption

You can get the all the details here from Wikibon, including some interesting revenue figures by vendor, but the more I talk to attendees, customers, prospects and partners, the more I start to hear a common theme. Big Data and more specifically Hadoop, are all singing the same tune about Enterprise-grade capabilities. Yes, 2013 was the year Hadoop went mainstream. That’s why, entering 2014, organizations are demanding more and more enterprise-grade capabilities: from tighter security to self-optimizations; from better monitoring and administration to tighter integration with existing infrastructure; from leveraging existing skills to scale adoption to targeted business applications.  And the vendors are delivering. I expect we will see a lot of that here at Strata and even more throughout the year.

Strata SC giveaways

Syncsort of course is no exception, helping organizations to start building their enterprise data hub and Hadoop skills by offloading existing workloads from data warehouses and mainframes to Hadoop.

So if you want to see what a business upgrade to Hadoop looks like, make sure to stop by our booth at Strata – have a demo, have a martini!

Looking forward to a great conference!

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