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What Skills Make Engineers “A Get” for Technology Companies?

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One of the main assets that any software company has is its talent. No matter what the company goals are for the year, the most important goal is always the same ─ to retain and attract top talent.

With the rise of Big Data, Cloud and new technologies in the Data Integration space, there is a definite trend towards one-stop shop (all-in-one) solutions. The tools that win in today’s competitive market are the ones that can offer a user-friendly UI, backed by a superior technology, high performance, combined with great documentation and support. Similarly, the tech hiring trend for 2014 will be to move away from specialized skills and more towards a well-rounded employee with a strong foundation in Computer Science, good communication skills, an innovative mind and the ability to work with a team and deliver in an agile development environment.

Recent graduates show a lot of interest in Big Data and Data Analytics.  While they don’t learn these subjects in college, they realize that these are exciting fields and want to join them even if they don’t fully understand what their day-to-day responsibilities would be.  The goal of the employer is to look beyond this, and understand if the graduates have the right foundation to quickly acquire these skills thru training and working with peers.

Similarly, for Quality Assurance recruits, the hiring trend will be to move away from traditional Manual Tester with some knowledge of Automation, and more towards a QA Engineer with a strong Development background and experience in various testing tools, including open-source.

So what skill sets should people gain in 2014 to be sought out by technology headhunters?  First and foremost, a strong foundation of Computer Science concepts will be crucial in the rapidly changing Big Data environment, in order to understand the impact of new technologies. In addition, understanding of Hadoop, which is a core Big Data platform, both from administrative and development perspective, as well as Cloud, Mobile, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration technologies, especially open-source, are a real differentiator in today’s competitive market.

For more information on IT job skills in 2014, read the Tech Republic article based on a roundtable with several IT executives and tech recruiters, including Syncsort’s vice president of engineering, Tendu Yogurtcu.

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