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“Un-boxing” Syncsort DMX-h: Learn how to blend Big Data in Hadoop with our new videos.

Syncsort VideosIf you’ve ever done some serious shopping for your next high-tech gadget, chances are you’ve seen one of those “un-boxing” or “haul” videos on YouTube. I have to confess, at first I thought they were kind of silly and self-indulgent until I found they had a practical purpose. Recently, I was on the fence about an item I wanted to buy. Out-of-the-blue, I remembered the videos on YouTube and sure enough there was a review on the item I was thinking of buying.  Actually, there were several reviews.  I was pleasantly surprised that the video was thorough and practical, as if it were tailored to my interests.  Afterwards, I couldn’t wait to get to the store and buy that item. I can admit I was wrong and now I am inspired to un-box Syncsort DMX-h. From a practical standpoint people want to see what they are getting and the things they can do with it. You’ve heard all the chatter about Syncsort, its extremely fast, yet easy-to-use Hadoop ETL engine. The good news is now you can have a better look at some of the most common use cases you can deploy in Hadoop, with DMX-h. So, let me introduce to you our new collection of videos. Each video targets a very specific use case, short and sweet! In this, our initial release, you will find the following videos:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is definitely priceless. Especially, when it comes to making your life a little easier. Sure Hadoop is a great platform to process large amounts of data and of course writing MapReduce code might be fun to some, but why spend time re-inventing the wheel – sorting, aggregating, joining data – when you could spend your time doing more – predictive analytics, complex algorithms and so on – with Hadoop? So, hopefully, you will find the selection of tutorials brief and that they demonstrate practical business uses. Who knows? You may want to show off to your friends and upload your own Syncsort “haul”.

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