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The Big Data Battle Heats-up with Cloudera Enterprise 5

What an exciting couple of weeks for Hadoop and the future of data management platforms. Announcements of Cloudera and Hortonworks closing new investment rounds with hundreds of millions, followed by several product announcements strengthening Hadoop towards being an enterprise ready platform.

Following Hadoop World, I shared my perspective on how YARN-based Apache Hadoop 2 is defining the future of data management platforms, enabling a variety of workloads and use cases to run in Hadoop. Cloudera’s Beta announcement at the time and introduction of Enterprise Data Hub reflected their vision to take on more enterprise workloads and position Cloudera in the center of enterprise data management.

Cloudera 5

With general availability of Cloudera Enterprise 5, Cloudera is now executing full force towards tackling all data workloads. This release, powered by Hadoop, is declaring the data warehouse space with an enterprise-strength data management platform; offering a full stack of applications and tools for big data analytics. Cloudera Enterprise 5 lays the foundation for Enterprise Data Hub, one place to store and process all data. This release includes many new components including Apache Spark, Parquet, Kite SDK, etc. and synchronizes delivery of existing ones, for example Cloudera Manager; simplifying deployment, provisioning and monitoring while powerfully supporting new use cases and variety of workloads.

Cloudera certifiedThis release also simplifies deployment of 3rd party software from strategic certified partners like Syncsort, Revolution Analytics and SAS. These services can now get the same benefits of data-local processing services such as Impala and Search. Syncsort’s Big Iron to Big Data solution runs natively in Cloudera Enterprise 5 and it is deployed through Cloudera Manager Parcel integration, offering a simple and unified deployment experience for the end user. As Mike Olson recently tweeted, “IBM offers Hadoop on the mainframe. Syncsort offers the mainframe on Hadoop.”

Cloudera’s positioning of Hadoop significantly changes as a full stack of applications is offered at the center of enterprise data management, complementing existing infrastructure and leveraging domain expertise from several vendors. Intel and Cloudera alliance is very complementary to Cloudera’s vision, addressing security, storage, etc., leveraging Intel’s footprint in data centers globally and accelerating Hadoop adoption further.

All of these recent developments show how leaders in the Hadoop ecosystem are enabling Hadoop’s role in solving Big Data challenges – something I recently spoke about at the Georgian Partners CTO Conference and a related interview.

As Doug Cutting predicted, there is no limit to the workloads that can run in Hadoop and Cloudera is certainly pushing the envelope with Cloudera Enterprise 5.

Congratulations to Cloudera for taking such a bold step!

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