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How to ETL in the Cloud in 3 Easy Steps….and Develop for Free!

Back in November, Syncsort announced our Hadoop ETL product – Ironcluster Hadoop ETL, Amazon EMR Edition – into the AWS Marketplace (more on this product later in this blog). Today we are announcing Ironcluster ETL, Amazon EC2 Edition which is also available in the AWS Marketplace. (BTW, we are the only DI/ETL tool in the Gartner Data Integration Magic Quadrant (MQ) available in the AWS Marketplace!)  This blog is going to walk you through 3 easy steps to start ETL’ing in the cloud.
Syncsort Ironcluster ETL Marketplace


Step One: Launch your EC2 instance.
Log into your AWS account and you can search for ETL, Ironcluster, etc. to get to the page below. Or simple click here. Then click “Continue” on the page. There is also comprehensive documentation available here (there is a link on the Marketplace page as well).

Notice the pricing is very attractive, including micro and small EC2 instance types are no cost for Ironcluster ETL. This means you can develop your ETL for free then deploy on medium or larger EC2 instances for more power at a very attractive hourly price. You can also use the product for free on any instance for 30 days – a 30 day free trial!

Once you click continue, you need to choose a region near you and launch it.

Step Two: Connect.

Syncsort Ironcluster ETLAfter you launch – sometimes this takes a few minutes – you will need to connect to the instance. You can do this from the AWS Management Console. Nothing different here from launching any other EC2 instance.

After you connect, you will need to download the Remote Desktop File (this is a Windows instance) and get the password to connect. I won’t explain that here but it is standard AWS EC2 stuff.

You’re now up and running!

Step Three: Start ETL’ing

There are a lot of resources to help you. You can start with the Ironcluster ETL Resource page on our web site that includes videos and examples of ETL jobs – what we call Use Case Accelerators including sessionizing web logs, joining data and so on. There is also a great introduction video there as well. BTW, this new version also includes a connector to Tableau to automatically create a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file.

Common use cases for Ironcluster ETL in the AWS cloud would be to unload data from S3, transform it and then put it back into S3 or load Redshift.

Register for Support, by registering for support you get email and phone support directly from our product experts. BTW, Gartner has consistently recognized as a strength (again, in the Gartner MQ).

I mentioned earlier the Ironcluster EMR pricing. Not only have we lowered the price, it’s now NO cost for the software. We have multiple Ironcluster EMR products in the AWS Marketplace, based on number of nodes you need, but you can get started here.

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