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Thousands of Readers, Petabytes of Big Data, One Award: Syncsort Best Data Integration Solution

The jury has spoken. Over 22,000 data management experts have cast their votes and, this week, the winners have been revealed.

Granted, they won’t be walking the red carpet on primetime TV, but being in a highly crowded and competitive space, any data management company that makes it even as a finalist should feel proud of their technology. After all, tens of thousands of experts could hardly be wrong.

Of course, I’m talking about the Database Trends and Applications magazine DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards.

Unlike most awards, the DBTA Reader’s Choice awards are completely chosen by industry experts and practitioners – DBTA  readers – from nominees to actual winners across a whole range of categories from databases to analytical platforms, to Hadoop and of course Data Integration, where Syncsort came out on top.

This past June, Syncsort also was named to the DBTA 100, which recognizes the 100 companies that matter most in data. A month later, Syncsort is recognized once again – this time as having the Best Data Integration Solution for providing “unique value to customers” in a scene dominated by big data, cloud, mobility and social media.

Syncsort has been helping customers solve their data challenges for decades; even when big data was still a fraction of today’s definition. In fact, Syncsort technology extracts, transforms, cleanses and loads data so fast that our DMX product earned the ETL World Record in 2008.

Today, big data has evolved from terabytes to petabytes, from a handful to hundreds of sources, and from monthly reports to real-time data discovery and visualization. That’s why we continue to consistently innovate and evolve our software, delivering solutions that recognize a new reality: one where companies and employees alike become more data savvy, integrating new with old – from Big Iron mainframes to Big Data Hadoop clusters.

Thanks to all of you who voted for us this year – and thanks for the opportunity to let our solutions shine by making your data problems easier to solve!  And, to those who haven’t looked at Syncsort recently, we invite you to look again.  Maybe next year you’ll be among the data experts casting a vote for Syncsort!

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