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Hadoop Market Adoption Survey Asks: Are Big Data Analytics Ready for Prime Time?

You’ve probably read and heard a lot of opinions about how much traction Big Data initiatives are getting within IT organizations.  Well we have too.  For instance, Wikibon’s principal research analyst, Jeff Kelly in the February 2014 Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2013-2017 noted that in 2013, “Both mega-IT-vendors and pure-play Big Data vendors took steps to better articulate their product & services roadmaps and larger visions for Big Data in the enterprise, creating greater confidence from enterprise buyers.”  But has that confidence translated into allocating funds for Big Data projects?  Are companies really moving past POCs and stealth tests of Big Data technologies like the much-heralded Hadoop and data analytics and visualization tools to implement them as part of their Big Data analytics initiatives?  We decided to find out.

Starting last June, we conducted a multi-stage survey with more than 100 data scientists, data architects, developers and IT managers who attended industry events.  We interviewed opt-in attendees at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose and the Cloudera Sessions in Boston; both during the events and online.


And the results are…

The bottom line ─ IT decision makers are making serious strategic commitments to Big Data migration and analytics programs, signaling an industry evolution from trial to action. We have moved out of the testing and POC phase to a period in time where most of the medium to large enterprises are stepping up to the plate and allocating funds to Big Data projects.

Highlights of the study findings include:

  • 62 percent of respondents expect to optimize enterprise data warehouses by offloading data and batch workloads (ELT) to Hadoop
  • 69 percent of respondents expect to make enterprise-wide data available for analytics in Hadoop
  • 53 percent of respondents are dedicating 5-10% of their planned budgets on Big Data projects
  • 70+ percent  of the respondents are from companies of $50 million+ in revenue

Hadoop Market Adoption Survey

Additional data in the survey supports the perception that Big Data projects are becoming more mainstream, with the vast majority of respondents noting limited hurdles to securing Big Data project funding.

  • Fewer than 40 percent of respondents noted they are facing challenges proving the short term and long term ROI or identifying business use cases.
  • Fewer than 30 percent of respondents were dealing with issues in showing direct correlation of investment to business results.
  • Fewer than 25 percent of respondents were dealing with budget already being allocated to supporting existing infrastructure needs.


Clearly, our research supports what a number of industry analysts have concluded…Big Data adoption is on the rise.  In fact, in their most recent H1 2014 Big Data Analytics Survey, Wikibon concluded that respondents believe Big Data Analytics is critical to the success of their respective enterprises and that Big Data Analytics is a transformational movement, not just a tactical tool or set of technologies.  It will be interesting to see how much this movement grows in 2015.  We’ll be investigating and will keep you posted!

View the complete Hadoop Market Adoption Survey results here.

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