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Waterline Data Inventory: From “flea market” to “Amazon”

Hadoop promises untold benefits, but the most frequent comment I hear from enterprises implementing Hadoop is “we have Hadoop, now what?” Every CIO is rolling out Hadoop, but getting the business to use it and extract value on a broad scale has yet to happen.

At the root of the problem is that Hadoop is a file system, and finding and understanding data without a data dictionary is akin to “shopping at a flea market.” How do you find anything?



On the other hand, imagine shopping on Amazon, with self-service to find the perfect product. A user can search, drill down, and review detailed information and reviews about a product, and then order that product. Imagine if a data scientist or business analyst could work with Hadoop in a similar fashion.Waterline

Data self-service for Hadoop is what drove the development and launch of Waterline Data Inventory. It is akin to “Amazon” for Hadoop data. With Waterline, Data Scientists and Business Analysts can find and understand the data, and then use that data to continue their work in data visualization, analytics, or data transformation tools such as  Syncsort DMX-h. Furthermore, Waterline enables Data Stewards to ensure it is done in compliance with data governance policies.


Waterline Data Inventory will allow enterprises to open Hadoop up to the Business with data self-service, going from the “flea market” to “Amazon.”



In this blog post by Greg Grubbs, he explores how Syncsort and Waterline can bring new ways of pulling value from your data.  Learn more about the Syncort and Waterline partnership.

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