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What Else is Happening with Ironstream™? The Latest on Getting Mainframe Big Data into Splunk

Last week, we announced Ironstream, an exciting new product for getting different kinds of mainframe log data into Splunk Enterprise. My colleague John Reda wrote a great blog about Ironstream, including sharing early adopter use cases; so I’m not going to repeat what he said. In this blog, I want to discuss some other things that have happened and will happen this week with Syncsort and Ironstream.

When we announced last week, we also put Ironstream into splunk>apps. As far as I can tell, Syncsort has one of the only mainframe log capture products that forward data into Splunk Enterprise AND is in Splunk apps! You can find more information about Ironstream there, see screen shots, and get re-directed to our site to register for more information. We also have a video on our site!

In addition, Splunk’s own Stela Udovicic wrote a great blog on the Splunk web site about Ironstream. Thanks Stela!

Finally, Syncsort is sponsoring and attending at .conf2014 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from October 6-9. We are sending our mainframe experts to the conference that can explain all the different types of mainframe logs (SMF, syslog, Log4j data, etc). Stop by the Syncsort booth at .conf2014 to find out more and see an Ironstream demo!

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