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Taking Hadoop ETL for a Test Drive in the MapR Sandbox

A recent demo request is a typical example of what many of our customers are looking for: a simple way to do a Proof of Concept (POC) to see how efficiently they can implement Hadoop. One of our field engineers came to me after being asked by a customer in the transportation industry to demonstrate how to use MapR to offload decades of geospatial data that was sitting on an outdated and expensive mainframe platform. I immediately pointed him to the Syncsort test drive site, where he was able to grab the VM package to quickly demonstrate the functionality in a sandbox, along with a full 30-day trial of Syncsort’s data integration software. This enabled him to complete the POC, which required offloading 100s of TB of the geospatial data.

Moving the data off of this legacy platform not only represents a solid cost savings for the customer, but will also open up new frontiers of analytics using cutting-edge Hadoop projects like Drill for schema-less, SQL-based data exploration and Spark for in-memory analytics. A test drive is a great way to explore these benefits without cost and without spending too much time and resources in order to take Hadoop for a spin.

In this case, we steered the customer to a free, complete test drive of Syncsort’s leading DMX-h ETL product with the enterprise-grade MapR Distribution including Hadoop, which is now available for download. It contains everything needed to test ETL use cases, without the need for a pre-existing Hadoop cluster. The test drive includes a Linux Virtual Machine with MapR 3.1 and DMX-h ETL Edition pre-installed, along with use case accelerators and sample data. This new development between MapR and Syncsort enables organizations to engage in the no cost, no fuss POCs they require. With the test drive, they can experience our joint value proposition of offloading mission-critical workloads from existing legacy platforms to a newer, more cost effective, enterprise-grade Hadoop platform.

It also provides a great new tool to give to our sales teams when their customers need help solving data integration challenges. This is important because all types of organizations want to accelerate time to value for legacy offload. As another example, Syncsort and MapR are also working together at a premier investment management firm to help them modernize their IT architecture and move away from expensive legacy data platforms. In this case, the technical team spun up an instance of MapR in the cloud using Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud service and deployed Syncsort on the same virtual cluster to demonstrate Syncsort’s GUI-based ETL functionality running on MapR.

Some prominent examples of joint customers that are really seeing the value of the MapR are Experian and comScore. We’re excited about the benefits they’ve achieved and the potential for this test drive to enable other enterprises to see how they can solve their ETL challenges using Syncsort and MapR.

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