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How to Collect & Visualize Big Data Insights from Social Media

Today, it seems as though everyone communicates via Social Media in some shape or fashion.  Whether it be chatting with friends on Facebook, sharing ideas, opinions and cat memes on Reddit, or taking to Twitter during the blackout of the 2013 Super Bowl, Social Media is pervasive in every way.  It’s no shock that companies are trying to use these avenues to reach customers and potential prospects as part of their digital marketing strategies.  Heck, you’re even reading a blog right now… on social media, about social media.  So, what is your strategy when it comes to marketing on social media?  Do you just fire-and-forget?  Do you know what your customers are saying about your products or services? How do you measure your successes and failures?

I was recently approached with this question in regards to being able to glean some insights from Twitter.  Sure, on the surface, it’s just 140-characters per Tweet, and what can you really do with that? Sentiment analysis here is one popular option, but there’s much more to Twitter data than just those 140 characters. Twitter gives you a ton of good information with each Tweet in a JSON document.  For those unfamiliar with JSON, it’s nearly unreadable to the human eye; and for those familiar with JSON, you could point your trusted programming language at it.  But even then, trying to parse and consume the nearly 350 fields becomes a rather arduous and repetitive task.

This is where Syncsort enters the picture.  I grabbed a set of tweets from Twitter, sat down with DMX for a few minutes and whipped up an example showing how easy it is to parse, filter and transform the data into something meaningful.

However, this is just the beginning. Using DMX, you can integrate the data with Tableau seamlessly for further analysis. Once visualized, valuable insights into what’s working and what isn’t in social media engagement with your target audience becomes clear. If you want to see how it all came together, check out the video below, or even better, download our free eBook for all the details and try it yourself!

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