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Framework for the Future of Hadoop

Break Free from Hadoop & ETL Complexity
Whether you’re new to Hadoop, or a savvy veteran, you’ve no doubt been subject to the vast Hadoop Ecosystem.  Making decisions on which technologies to implement often times leads to confusion and frustration.  In the early days, MapReduce was the only choice for distributed processing, however, everything changed with the introduction of YARN.  Today, there are countless additional options from Spark, Tez, Hive, Pig, Impala, and the list goes on!  Even after choosing a technology, you’ll be presented with a slew of options at development time.  Routine data processing tasks such as joins and aggregations will force users to make judgment calls such as whether to perform operations in the Mapper, or the Reducer.  Even still, when the data characteristics change or new frameworks emerge, applications need to be rewritten or at the very least, the judgments made at development time need to be revisited and constantly maintained to ensure optimal execution.

Hadoop Ecosystem
So you’ve decided to use Hadoop? But that’s not the last decision you’ll need to make.

Intelligent Execution Layer
With Syncsort’s release of DMX-h Release 8 and its Intelligent Execution Layer, the decision making process just got easier.  Customers no longer have to spend countless hours doing arduous evaluations and training for and endless supply of Hadoop technologies.  Design the data pipeline in DMX-h’s intuitive GUI to collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute your data and leave the rest to Syncsort.  A true design-once, deploy-anywhere technology, the native run-time engine can execute flawlessly on Hadoop, Linux, UNIX, Windows or even the Cloud with the click of a button.  With a built-in optimizer that dynamically determines the best execution patterns a developer doesn’t have to worry about any underlying technical challenges, and becomes empowered to focus on the things that matter: your business challenges.

Intelligent Execution Layer
Syncsort DMX-h introduces an intelligent execution layer that allows users to design sophisticated data transformations, focusing solely on business rules, not on the underlying platform or execution framework.

Future-proof your applications
Several customers have specifically commented how easy it was for their developers with limited exposure to Hadoop to jump right in and start working with DMX-h.  The common approach across all platforms facilitates a seamless transition without requiring highly skilled programmers for accelerated Hadoop adoption and development. This approach also helps them future-proof their applications – as new processing frameworks such as Spark come into play – they can easily benefit from them without the need to make any changes.

Too good to be true?
Check out DMX-h Release 8 and the Intelligent Execution Layer in action with our demo video below!

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