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Transformative and Pervasive – Notes from the 2015 Hadoop Summit

Hadoop is “Transformative and Pervasive”. This was the main theme of this year’s Hadoop Summit in San Jose, hosted by Hortonworks and Yahoo.

To illustrate the transformative point, there were a lot of customer use cases discussed in the keynotes and over 70 customer-centric sessions.

Thomas DelVecchio, Founder and Director of ETR – Enterprise Technology Research gave a few examples of how Hadoop has transformed businesses, allowing them to go from mass branding to real-time individualized experience; from daily risk analysis to real-time trade surveillance; from mass treatment to personalized healthcare; from ‘break then fix’ to dynamic yield optimization; from customer service silos to personalized quality of service. As Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester, put it: Hadoop allows businesses to “treat customers like royalty to get their loyalty”.

John Wilson, Chief Medical Officer at Optum – United Health Group, gave an example of how Hadoop is helping them improve the quality of care and patient outcome by finding patterns on who is likely not to take their medication, and allow intervention ahead of time.

T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan, Vice President of Data Platform at Microsoft, gave an example of how Hadoop is helping the soccer team Real Madrid transform the fan experience by bringing the game beyond the stadium, to everyone. He also talked about Hadoop allowing AccuWeather to give weather prediction in smaller granularities of space and time. And Hadoop is also helping Ziosk transform the dining experience by changing the way people interact with the waiting staff.

Russell Foltz -Smith, VP of Data Platform of TrueCar, talked about how Hadoop is helping them transform the automotive market by making loan, insurance, owner, and vehicle data available to everyone.

There seems to be no question that Hadoop is transformative for the organizations using it – but how pervasive is the technology?  Prior to the conference, Gartner’s report on Hadoop adoption rate had caused quite a stir in the Big Data community.  Not surprisingly, a lot of evidence to the contrary was presented at the Summit.

Rob Bearden, CTO of Hortonworks, referenced Thomas Davenport’s WSJ article on Data Architecture, which saw Gartner’s survey results in a more positive light: 26% of companies in the survey sample already had Hadoop projects underway and that number is projected to be 46% within a couple of years, demonstrating a pretty fast adoption rate.

Mike Gualtieri went on to predict that 100% of large enterprises will adopt Hadoop in next couple of years.

Thomas DelVecchio, Founder and Director of ETR – Enterprise Technology Research, said Hadoop is the biggest spending priority in 2015 for large organizations. Analytics and Data Warehousing are the leading use cases with 86 and 82% of spending intention.

This all sounds like very good news for Big Data vendors such as Syncsort. As Arun Murthy, Co-Founder of Hortonworks put it, the goal is to help our customers deliver insights “faster, cheaper, and earlier”. The trend I kept hearing in the keynotes, sessions, and conversations with customers is to “shove all your data into Hadoop”. David Lin from Symantec echoed the sentiment by encouraging everyone to just ‘kill the fear’ and make data available on Hadoop. Concerns about security and governance are starting to be addressed, and there were lots of discussions and sessions on the incubated Apache Ranger, proposed Apache Atlas, and a great session on Cloudera Navigator. This is consistent with what we are hearing from our customers. DMX-h has helped many of our enterprise customers populate the data lake by ingesting data from mainframes and Enterprise Data Warehouses. Our partners are also seeing the same trends. We worked with Cognizant and Cloudera to build BIGFrame – an end-to-end mainframe offload solution that enables enterprises to address challenges with performance, flexibility and agility to get business insights out of their legacy data.

Also at the Hadoop Summit, we announced a jointly created Reference Architecture with Dell, Cloudera, and Intel  to shorten the time-to-value for moving expensive workloads and data from enterprise data warehouses to Hadoop. The announcement was made during the Hadoop Summit and was very well received by the community during joint presentations at the Dell booth and an industry panel discussion. The initiative was also featured during interviews on SiliconANGLE’s live streamed Internet show theCUBE.

Syncsort President Josh Rogers & Armando Acosta, Dell, at Hadoop Summit 2015 on theCUBE

During one of the interviews, Syncsort President Josh Rogers also talked about a successful use case that was recently written about in articles in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Josh talked about how one of our  customers, Dickeys Barbecue Pit, is leveraging Big Data analytics in the cloud to transform their business by better engaging their customers and responding to demand fluctuations as they happen.

Syncsort President Josh Rogers & Mike Fountaine, National Sales Director, Disruptive Solutions, Cloud & Big Data Dell

We, at Syncsort, are very excited to be working with these industry leaders, and the community as a whole, to help drive the continued transformative powers and pervasiveness of Hadoop.

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