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Big Iron to Big Data: 5 Reasons Why Syncsort’s Cogito Acquisition is Exciting for our Customers

Today, Syncsort announced that we have acquired Cogito, a UK-based maker of specialized software that can access IBM z Systems mainframe data, significantly improve the performance of IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™ database management systems on IBM z/OS, and significantly lower metered mainframe costs for the world’s largest enterprises.

This is our third acquisition supporting Big Iron to Big Data (BIBD) solutions, the foundation for Syncsort’s product strategy. This strategy reflects the key role the Mainframe continues to play in so many of the world’s leading businesses.  Basically, with more than 80% of corporate data residing or originating on the mainframe, companies are looking for ways to harness that data and deliver it to next-generation Big Data platforms, on premise and in the cloud. That’s what BIBD is all about, and Cogito helps us to expand our ability to help customers achieve it.

In light of our BIBD strategy, there are five important reasons that we are excited about Cogito joining us. Syncsort, Cogito, IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™ customers should take note of them…

Cogito and Syncsort are excited about their synergies. There are 5 key reasons why customers should be excited too.

Cogito and Syncsort are excited about their synergies. There are 5 key reasons why customers should be excited too.

Cogito’s Superior Performance Optimization Tech for IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™

Application response time, throughput and mainframe CPU utilization are constant concerns of the IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™ DBAs. Performance optimization is complicated by ever increasing volumes of data.  Cogito’s exceptional software solutions has attracted a large number of customers who use their flagship EZ-DB2 for IBM DB2 and EZ-DB for CA IDMS products  to better manage and optimize workload performance and application availability to meet this challenge.

Cogito’s IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™ Expertise Supports BIBD

Second, by joining forces with Cogito, our organization gains their talented R&D staff with significant new database expertise.  What’s more, we now can leverage that know-how and our mainframe data integration technology and experience to extend the kinds of mainframe data we can integrate with cutting-edge Big Data platforms like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Splunk.

Cogito Director, Gary Bronziet sees many exciting possibilities to share technical know-how between Syncsort and Cogito engineers. “We will be retaining all of our engineers.  Working together we can exploit each other’s technology to, for example, make EZ-DB2 performance data and CA IDMS™ system log messages available to Splunk using Syncsort’s white-hot Ironstream product.”

Syncsort Resources Will Drive Cogito Product Innovation

Gary Bronziet sees the acquisition as an exciting “next step” in the evolution of the 27 year history of Cogito.  “We can take advantage of the additional financial and staff resources to innovate — not only keep our products ahead of the competition, but leave them even further behind.” Both Syncsort and Cogito engineers see compelling innovation ahead as we join forces.

Cogito’s Solutions For IBM DB2® and CA IDMS™ Extend Syncsort’s ability to Help Customers Lower Metered Costs on Mainframe

A key to Syncsort’s success is their ability to not only optimize system efficiency by simplifying and speeding-up processing, but to help reduce the amount of billable resources used in some of the most resource intensive tasks.  Some prominent examples are our ZPSaver Suite, which saves significant dollars by offloading Copy, SMS Compression, and Sort processing to zIIP, and is an extension of our MFX high-performance Sort for z/OSEZ-DB2 for IBM DB2 and EZ-DB for CA IDMS broaden our ability to slash mainframe costs with innovative performance optimization technology.

Cultural Alignment on World Class Service and Support

Another important reason why the acquisition made sense is the alignment of priorities between Cogito and Syncsort.  Both companies are deeply focused on continually providing world class, market-leading service and support. Gary Bronziet pointed out that, “Cogito has been providing that for 27 years and Syncsort has been doing that for all of its 48 years – in fact we noted all the kudos from customers and industry analysts for Syncsort’s customer satisfaction success. This was really important to us because we want our customers to enjoy the added benefits of this acquisition without losing one iota of the service levels they now take for granted.”

Given these 5 compelling results of Syncsort’s acquisition of Cogito, we already are hearing positive feedback from our customers, and fully expect to be hearing more. We are anxious to hear your feedback!

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