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Best of 2016: Top 5 Mainframe Blogs – Focus on Optimization & Big Data Integration to Splunk

As our year-end countdown continues, we’re rounding up of our best content of 2016. It’s time to review this list of the best Mainframe info we’ve published this year:

#1:  Why the Clock is Ticking on IMS DB to DB2 Migration: One Company’s Mainframe Migration Journey

With a shrinking pool of IMS experts, the need to leverage new business intel technology and the high cost of software licensing, many organizations are feeling the pressure to migrate applications to DB2. One company that finally “bit the bullet” using Syncsort’ s data migration tool – DL/2 – discuss the results of their IMS-to-DB2 migration project. Read on >

#2:  Techniques for Building Data Lakes for z/OS Big Data for Machine Learning with Ironstream

Unlocking knowledge from raw data is a recognized goal for most organizations, but multiple paths can lead to actionable insight. For over a decade we’ve seen insight can be gained through a traditional data warehouse using business intelligence tools. Big Data may dominate the news, but insights are still to be found through disciplined use of mature BI tools. Find out what the buzz is about data lakes. Read on >

#3:  Syncsort Fast-Tracks Mining of SMF Data for Pipeline to Splunk Enterprise: Ironstream Now Filters Mainframe Big Data

A number of large companies, like Medical Mutual of Ohio, are using Syncsort Ironstream® to gain easy access to vital mainframe log data, making it available in real time to the Splunk® Enterprise platform for advanced analytics. See how Syncsort is delivering new capabilities to allow organizations to forward specific mainframe metrics, rather than the thousands that exist within SMF records, into Splunk Enterprise for valuable insights. Read on >

#4:  Sort: Gets No Respect but Wields Mainframe Speed Secrets

Often the “Rodney Dangerfield” of computing, sort processing certainly isn’t the flashy newcomer. However, it’s one of the most widely relied-upon components in software engineering. See how sort really is an unsung hero of the mainframe. Read on >

#5:  Making Mainframes DevOps-Friendly

DevOps is among the newest trends in IT. So the idea of integrating mainframes – an established, “legacy” technology – into DevOps workflows may at first appear to make little sense. Upon further inspection, we think you’ll agree that an optimal DevOps workflow involves all parts of an organization’s infrastructure. Read on >

Bonus! Top Mainframe eBook of 2016:  Mainframe’s Role in the Big Data Ecosystem

The mainframe may be the key to closing the Big Data processing gap and supporting the latest data delivery technologies. Review key findings about the mainframe’s use in large businesses, where it still houses the lion share of corporate data, is the system of record, and is now at the heart of their Big Data strategies. Read on >

Ready for 2016 to just be over already? Watch the recent Syncsort webcast Mainframe Optimization in 2017, which highlights key and use cases for 2017, spanning DB2 and network management on z/OS, as well as new ways to save on your monthly IBM MLC charges!

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