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New eBook Available: Mainframe Meets Machine Learning

While we don’t expect robots to take over the world anytime soon, advances in machine learning have started and will continue to strengthen security and power the automation of mainframe operations.

Download eBook: Mainframe Meets Machine Learning

Over 80% of data resides within or originates from corporate data centers. When we take into account the sensitivity of the data being stored, the demand for better security of the mainframe increases.

Additionally, the demand for automation of mainframe operations is rising. With an increase of data being created by and stored on the mainframe, along with the loss of skilled mainframe professionals, mainframe maintenance is moving beyond the capabilities of manual operations.

Download our latest eBook, “Mainframe Meets Machine Learning,” to learn about the most difficult challenges and issues facing mainframes today, and how the benefits of machine learning could help alleviate some of these issues.


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