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Using Data Quality as a Service to Create the “Golden Record” – Part 1: Email Validation

In the first of our 3-part “Golden Record” series, we will focus on email validation, to help you ensure you’re really reaching your audience.

“Golden Records” are the Gold Standard of Customer Information

One of our clients refers to accurate customer information as “Golden Records” and for good reason. Did you know that most expert sources say that it costs an average of five times more to win a customer than to retain one? Given that statistic, and with costs continually rising, it can save a business a lot of money if they retain more customers.

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To do this, communicating and interacting with your customers on a timely basis is the key to the success, and to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The bottom line is that organizations need to validate the accuracy of all key customer information – including email, phone, IP and physical addresses to ensure they connect with customers regularly, to reduce churn, improve service and heighten the customer experience.

Trillium Global Locator helps you leverage worldwide postal and geocoding for data cleansing and enrichment of customer contact information to ensure the accuracy of customer records. Let’s look at each critical area of customer information, starting with email in this blog.

Email Validation is the First Step to Creating “Golden Records”

Syncsort Trillium products provide email validation services that not only allows organizations to avoid the time and effort of emailing to inactive or incorrect individuals, they can also increase the effectiveness of marketing and customer contact management systems.

Look around, whether you are at the store, at a restaurant, or at the gym, you can’t help but notice that everyone is on their mobile phone and people are constantly checking their email. Did you know over two billion people throughout the world use email and the number keeps growing?

Email Validation ensures you're reaching your customers.

Business reliance upon email contact can be taken for granted, but can you rely on email addresses alone to get the right message to the right person at the right time? Unfortunately not!

An email address alone does not provide much information. Is the email valid? What more can we discover about an individual that would help us ensure we deliver the right message? By utilizing Trillium Precise, you can verify the emails your company owns are accurate and contactable, anywhere in the world, and get better insights about your customers.

Does your organization want to know if the email on record matches to the registered name on file? Of course! Trillium Precise can provide that information as well. Companies need to be able to rely on their data and be able to email their customers with confidence. Your organization would not want to market the wrong product or offer to an incorrect or inappropriate individual or business.

Email Personalization is Possible with Name Matching

In addition, you probably at some point have received a personalized email that states your name. These messages are more likely to grab your attention and make you feel more important than receiving a generic email. There is something special about getting an email that not only has your name but is relevant to you. With Trillium Precise, you can utilize our name match feature within your emails to provide that personal touch.

Again, it’s vital to organizations to keep contact data clean and trustworthy, including email addresses. See if an email address is active, and also check the validity of the email. In addition, by utilizing Syncsort Trillium products, your core customer and sales contact information will be supported by Trillium’s leading data quality technology – that’s how you create a “Golden Record!”

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