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New eBook Available! Bringing Big Data to Life: What the Experts Say

Wondering what the future of Big Data looks like? Or the benefits and issues surrounding a Data Lake or Streaming Data? Leave it to the experts to fill in the gaps.

Download Now: Bringing Big Data to Life - What the Experts Say

Syncsort’s latest eBook from our series Bringing Big Data to Life offers insight from industry leaders. For example, Owen O’Malley of Hortonworks and IBM’s Holden Karau share their thoughts on Spark. To start his two-paragraph quote O’Malley states, “Spark is really amazing. It’s a very different paradigm than a lot of the traditional Hadoop stuff.”

Also, The Bloor Group’s own Robin Bloor and Doug Cutting of Cloudera lay out their ideas of what the future of Big Data holds. Cutting begins his thoughtful forecast, “I think we’re still in the early stages of industries becoming data intensive.”

Download our new eBook, “Bringing Big Data to Life: What the Experts Say” for more insightful words of wisdom.

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