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Tendü Yogurtcu Talks Strata Trends and More during theCUBE #BigDataSV Appearance

Earlier this week, Syncsort’s Tendü Yogurtcu (@TenduYogurtcu) was interviewed on SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE at their Big Data Silicon Valley 2017 (#BigDataSV) venue across from where Strata + Hadoop World 2017 was taking place. Tendu sat down with co-hosts John Furrier, Co-founder and CEO of SiliconANGLE Media, Inc., and George Gilbert, Big Data & Analytics Analyst for Wikibon, to discuss Strata trends from this year’s conference, as well as Syncsort’s cadence of announcements and how its acquisition of Trillium fits into the company’s data integration strategy.

Tendu also lent her insights on enterprise readiness in the cloud and touched on how Syncsort’s competitors are playing catch-up with its design once, deploy anywhere approach.

Strata Trends: Emerging Themes from Strata + Hadoop World 2017

The two key Strata trends discussed are cleaning up data lakes and data integration – both of which Syncsort has a major role in helping organizations achieve. After Furrier points out how Syncsort is “unstoppable,” comparing it to Amazon in making more and more announcements each year, Tendu highlights recent company headlines, including the latest DMX-h innovations, the introduction of Trillium Precise, and its EDW optimization reseller partnership with Hortonworks and integration with Cloudera Director.

Data Quality: Draining the Data Swamp

Tendu stresses the excitement around the acquisition of data quality leader Trillium, with products that are very complimentary to Syncsort’s data integration portfolio.  She goes on to address how the company strives to help customers access all of their enterprise data – not only new, emerging sources from connected devices, mobile and streaming, but also leveraging reference data from mainframe and legacy data warehouses. She also points out that with data quality, Syncsort can help customers cleanse data in data lakes and leverage metadata management to bring business rules to the data.

Syncsort’s Value Proposition: Accessing All Enterprise Data with Data Quality

On the topic of Syncsort’s value proposition, Tendu talks about helping organizations create the next generation modern data architecture by accessing and liberating all enterprise data, and then delivering that data at the right time and with the right quality data.  She explains that Syncsort does this by providing a single software environment with batch legacy and streaming data sources, integrated in the same environment with Hadoop, Spark, Flink, or whichever compute framework organizations need.

Strategic Wins: Striding Ahead of the Competition

Tendu points out that competitors are just now making announcements about building capabilities that Syncsort already has in production within very large customer environments.  She explains that a design once, deploy anywhere approach is becoming more critical with data coming from so many diverse sources, including cloud.

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