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Splunk the Mainframe: Big Iron to Big Data in Las Vegas

What a great week and “journey” it was in Las Vegas during the Splunk© Global Partner Summit at FY’18 SKO. The energy generated by the Splunk employees alone could have powered Vegas for the week – I’ll share some highlights from the MGM Grand.

Splunk Global Partner Summit Highlights

A glowing mention of Syncsort from CEO Doug Merritt was a highlight on the first morning of the event. His message about the value of mainframe data and Syncsort as the company which “liberates” and streams it into Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence, was heard loud and clear by the thousands of Splunk employees and Splunk partners.

Splunk account reps, resellers and distributors were reminded of the treasure trove of insight and compliance-driving machine data generated each day by banks, insurance companies, state agencies and other enterprises with mainframes.

For the next two days a constant stream of Splunk employees and partners came in search of the gate-keepers of this valuable data for their customers, finding Syncsort Ironstreamers in sessions, during breaks, at the booth, or even at one of the “only-in-Vegas” charging stations, which helped charge the device and re-charge the man or woman charging the charger of the device!

Redbull was popular at the Splunk Global Partner Summit

Red Bull was abundant to re-charge the people-powered device chargers

Hearing how Splunk will focus on supporting partners to help achieve growth beyond “just” $1B/year was inspiring, and I immediately bookmarked the upcoming Splunk Partner Technical Symposiums for the Americas in San Diego in May, as well as those coming up in EMEA and APAC.

Insights from Splunk Leadership

Another highlight was hearing from the leadership team in a panel format as they answered compelling questions about all the change as the industry and company continue to evolve. During the panel, Chief Revenue Officer Susan St. Ledger made the case for how Splunk is investing such that partners and customers will be supported in great new ways going forward (and anyone who went to school in Northeastern Pennsylvania has to be smart and savvy, right?).

Splunk Global Partner Summit - Our Journey Panel

Splunk’s AVP of Global Partner Programs & Operations, Brooke Cunningham, grills the leadership team at the Splunk Global Partner Summit

The panel stuck around as they didn’t want to miss the Splunk Partner+ Program giving out the 2017 Global Partner Awards and sharing some of the great accomplishments by the recipients.

Use Cases for Mainframe Data

It was a great week of hearing about how Splunk has helped so many enterprises with SIEM and ITOA solutions (with help from Syncsort, of course) and discussing how much value other mainframe organizations could soon get from analytics from their own machine data.

For the partners and Splunk employees serving financial clients, the Splunk IT Service Intelligence use case for mobile banking/access was especially of interest.

Based on everything I saw and heard, I’d say make sure you plan to go to .conf2017 and your nearest SplunkLive! 2017 event – you won’t want to miss out on this year’s energy!

Syncsort Booth at Splunk Global Partner Summit

Syncsort’s booth at the Splunk Global Partner Summit saw a steady stream of visitors asking about the value of mainframe log data



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