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Blog Update: How Are Companies Using Hadoop?

It’s no secret that Hadoop is popular, and our readers have shown that they’re interested to hear the latest on all things Hadoop. On the heels of our annual Hadoop Survey, we recently updated a blog post originally published in 2015, titled “Who Is Using Hadoop? And What Are They Using It For?” The revised post provides a more accurate look at companies using Hadoop today and what business challenges they are tackling with this Big Data tool.

What Are Companies Using Hadoop For? Which Organizations are Using It?

Who is Using Hadoop? How Are Companies Using Hadoop?

Whether you’re new to Hadoop or an experienced early adopter, it’s always useful to have the inside track of what’s happening in the fast-paced world of technology. Who wouldn’t want to know if their competitors were likely investing in the Big Data solution or whether their industry is finding success with the platform?

Read the updated post Who Is Using Hadoop? And What Are They Using It For? to discover the answers to key questions around which organizations are using Hadoop, such as:

  • WHO? Who is using Hadoop? What does the adoption rate currently look like?
  • WHAT? What does the return on this investment look like? How is it providing business value?
  • HOW? How are companies using Hadoop? Which industries are finding the most value and success?

The updated post also includes statistics and infographics from the Hadoop Perspectives for 2017 eBook around the value of access and integration of legacy and/or mainframe data into the Hadoop platform.

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