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IDUG Tech Conference 2017 – Anaheim Preview

It’s been almost a whole year since Austin, Texas hosted IDUG 2016 and there’s “much to know before you go” to the IDUG Tech Conference 2017 in Anaheim, so here’s a preview for you!

Forrester Keynote

Monday’s Keynote, “Forrester’s View on Big Data, Analytics & Open Source” features Mike Gualtieri, Vice President at Forrester and is one I’m looking forward to this year. It will be followed by IBM’s take on a trending topic, “Winning with Machine Learning. Monetize the Data Behind Your Firewall.” It’s always good to know how IBM is approaching a trending topic and see how it compares to the competition.

Opportunities in Optimization

Don’t miss your European colleague Roger Biel, who is coming all the way from Germany to present, “Before You Tune Your SQL Performance You Need to Find Real Good Tuning Opportunities.”

Roger presented at IDUG in Brussels about how his luxury carmaker was able to tune their way to remarkable DB2 cost savings and performance enhancements and was asked to come to IDUG Anaheim for an encore presentation with even more insights, so don’t miss him on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm in Alternate Meeting Room F.

Download the eBook: New DB Optimization and NW Management Choices

On-Site DB2 Certification

With 100 newly-certified-in-Austin DB2 experts on the job for a year now (and more expected to come in Anaheim), the future for DB2 optimization has never been brighter! If you haven’t gotten certified yet, don’t miss the free opportunities on Monday through Thursday to take your certification test while in Anaheim.

Mingle with the IDUG Elite

While I’m in CA (California) I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at CA (Computer Associates) and I want to invite all CA Detector customers to stop at the Syncsort booth and ask us about how we can seamlessly add powerful index analysis to what CA Detector does already.

Speaking of old friends and colleagues, check in with the DB2utor himself Troy Coleman at IDUG. If you like his regular columns in IBM Systems Magazine, meet the man himself at the IBM booth or the IBM Systems Magazine booth with Kathy Ingulsrud and her magazine and DestinationZ team. Also, be sure to stop in at the Enterprise Systems Media booth and say hello to Mainframe Hall of Fame founder Bob Thomas and his co-star, Denny “The Typin’ Texan” Yost.

Meet Syncsort’s DB2 Experts

It’s been a big year since IDUG 2016 for DB2 at Syncsort, and one of the biggest events was the acquisition of Cogito, a pioneering company in database management for z/OS. Their EZ-DB2 suite complements (and can even replace) many traditional DB2 performance tools by taking a unique end-to-end “workload-centric and workload-aware” approach to performance optimization for both dynamic and static SQL to deliver big improvements with minimal overhead.

Developed working directly with some of the biggest mainframe shops in the world, Cogito’s (now Syncsort’s) technology and tools are the epitome of “customer-centric” solutions. Schedule a meeting with the founder of Cogito and for more about how you can learn and win big at the Syncsort booth. Of course you can always check out Syncsort’s EZ-DB2 to learn more about all these innovations, many of which are patented and yet surprisingly affordable.

With DB2 12 looming large, you’ll want to understand all that it offers and see which solutions (like EZ-DB2), are ready to help you maximize your value when you do your upgrade or even plan to make the long-overdue switch from IMS to DB2 (which can be easier than you think so come ask us how); maybe the time to make some mainframe optimization moves can coincide with your project to standardize on DB2 12.

Well, that’s a wrap for this blog as I need to pack for my trip to “The happiest place on earth!” (IDUG of course).

If you’d like a sneak peek at EZ-DB2, check out the graphic below:

EZ-DB2: A suite of DB2 Optimization solutions


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