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Data Quality and GDPR Are Top of Mind at Collibra Data Citizens ’17

Last week, Trillium Software participated and was a sponsor for our partner Collibra at their annual Collibra Data Citizens ’17 conference in Jersey City. There were some key takeaways as to what data governance challenges were front and center with over 350 attendees, and what kinds of related solutions attracted their attention.

Collibra Data Citizens '17

It’s clear companies from all over the world are embracing data governance processes and technologies, such as Collibra and Collibra Data Governance Center. Talking with many companies, it was also interesting how initial projects failed or didn’t get momentum internally within their organizations because the initiatives were trying to “boil the ocean.” Start tactically was the message I heard – show success, and then move forward to the next thing.

A lot of Collibra customers had started with definitions and setting policies on key data elements. Whether that’s 50 key data elements in their organization or 300, it’s still something that is achievable, even in a very large organization. Attendees told us that they can easily do this within their organization using Collibra Data Governance because of the ease of use and flexibility of Collibra.

4 Ways to Measure Data Quality

That next “thing” for tactical improvements seems to be data quality. Here’s an interactive survey taken by attendees about data quality in reports.

Collibra Data Citizens ’17: Percentage Who Have Good Data Quality

50% of the Collibra Data Citizens ’17 attendees said 50-75% of their reports have good data quality. That means at least 25% of reports being used to make real business decisions have poor or bad data quality in them.

EU Global Data Protection Regulation

There was a great session at the conference on pending EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is all about protecting individual data. Accessing, protecting, correcting and removing data is at the core of GDPR. Also, making sure they have a single view of an individual (customer!) is also key to organizations making sure they can achieve GDPR and prove it to the EU.

Collibra Data Citizens ’17: Typical GDPR Programmes

Collibra Data Citizens ’17: Tools enabling the brain to "see" data

EDMworks slides from the Collibra Data Citizens ’17 Conference

Data Quality Essential to Data Governance Initiatives

We talked with many Collibra users at the conference who are now looking to tackle data quality as part of the data governance initiatives. First, they are looking to understand what they have and what they are dealing with from a data quality perspective. Many were very excited to see the out of the box data profiling or discovery capabilities we have and our new business-user friendly user interface.

We also showed out integration using Collibra Connect in order to create data quality dashboards. Policies and data quality rules can be written and stored in Collibra by data stewards. The technical implementation of those rules are then linked and implemented in the Trillium Software System. The result being a dashboard in Collibra of the quality of data (accuracy, conformity, completeness, consistency), specifically those key data elements.

We are very excited about our strategic partnership with Collibra and our many joint customers that want (and need) to use Collibra with Trillium.

Check out our eBook on 4 ways to measure data quality.

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