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Expert Interview (Part 2): Ralph Hünermann on the Importance of Operational Intelligence for Digital Marketers

In Part 1 of this interview, Dr. Ralph Hünermann (@RHuenermann) discussed how Operational Intelligence can improve data management. In today’s post, he provides his thoughts around how Operational Intelligence is important, especially for digital marketers.

What are the benefits of taking advantage of Operational Intelligence? What are the risks of not using it?

Taking advantage of Operational Intelligence means to revolutionize user communication by designing every digital touch-point to be data-driven and situation-aware. Actually, a lot of brands (and digital marketers) are striving for this – and they get better and better.

Hence, users are already getting used to touchpoints that anticipate their needs. Soon, they will even expect this. Those companies that do not fulfill their expectations will be rejected by potential customers soon and, therefore, be left behind in our digital, customer-centric age. 

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Think about our e-commerce use case – here, this has already become reality: big, innovative players like Amazon or Zalando are providing intuitive, personalized services. As a result, online shoppers consider this as a matter of course and perceive “traditional” online shops as outdated.

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How should digital marketers approach creating personalized experiences for customers in real-time? Where should they begin?

Personalizing customer experiences situation-aware means to implement the most relevant approach for each individual user and his situation. By this, brands need to evolve diverse decision options first. This may be a great effort. Hence, we from odoscope recommend to test it on a simple page element first in order to experience its benefits and revenue potential individually for their use case.

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The perfect testing element for online retailers are product lists: the products displayed already exist and solely must be re-arranged in the individually most relevant order. In spite of this very low effort, the results may be mind-blowing: any individual customer may immediately find the product he desires most in his actual situation.

What trends or innovations in Big Data are you following today? Why do they interest and excite you?

The most inspiring innovations in Big Data for us are all part of Operational Intelligence: data Integration is the game-changer for companies who desire to master their Big Data mountain by finally making it actionable. Real-Time Analyses are the key for brands striving to no longer take imprecise estimations, but rather see the present comprehensively and integrated without simplifications.

Last, but not least, Prescriptive Analytics – the most sophisticated stage of analytics – empowers companies to probably influence the future according to self-defined objectives without any human interference. This is my vision of our future data-driven world.

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