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New eBook Available! New Strategies for Database Optimization and NW Management

For years, mainframe professionals have been doing more with less – managing seemingly impossible tasks on a regular basis. While output and performance expectations continue to rise, mainframe resources continue to shrink, reallocated to the squeaky-wheel of distributed computing and Cloud.

You’ve probably grown accustomed to doing more with less – but did you know there are new ways to squeeze even more from your mainframe through database optimization?

Download the eBook: New DB Optimization and NW Management Choices

In our new eBook, you’ll discover some new approaches to take your mainframe optimization to the next level by:

  • Reducing monthly MLC costs for your DB2 environment
  • Dealing with post-M&A (merger and acquisition) issues
  • Meeting tighter uptime requirements
  • Implementing that overdue IMS-to-DB2 migration project

Download 5 Strategies for Mainframe Optimization: New DB Optimization and NW Management Choices now to get started optimizing your database!

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