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5 DataWorks Must-Reads as You Make Your Way to San Jose

The DataWorks Summit in San Jose, CA is just a few days away. How about a little light plane reading to help you get conference-ready? Here are 5 blog posts to help you prepare for DataWorks 2017.

Insights from a DataWorks Keynote Speaker

Expert Interview: Scott Gnau, CTO Hortonworks

Read: Expert Interview: Scott Gnau On the Hadoop Toolbox, Spark, and Future-Proofing the Hadoop

We recently sat down with one of the DataWorks Summit keynote speakers. In our interview with Scott Gnau, he discusses future-proofing, adding tools to the Hadoop ecosystem toolbox, and the advantages of using streaming and batch together in a connected data architecture. Read on >

Strata + Hadoop World 2017 Themes

Notes from Strata + Hadoop World 2017

Read: Strata + Hadoop World 2017 Recap: Machine Learning, Data Lakes and the Cloud

Themes that emerged from this year’s conference in March include a renaissance of machine learning, Big Data in the cloud and purifying Hadoop data lakes. It’s probably not a coincidence that these topics are also prominently featured in the DataWorks Summit agenda. Read on >

DataWorks Forecast: A Mix of Hadoop and Clouds

5 Reasons to Run Hadoop in the Cloud

Read: 5 Reasons to Run Hadoop in the Cloud

You know Hadoop. You know about the cloud. But do you know why and how to run Hadoop in the cloud in order to supercharge your data analytics operation? Read on >

Download the white paper: Accessing and Integrating Mainframe Application Data with Hadoop and Spark

Avoid the Data Swamp

Diving Into Data Lakes

Read: Testing the Waters: How to Get a Hadoop Data Lake Set Up Right

Hadoop has some distinct advantages, including the fact that it’s so widely used. Most of the analytical tools you’ll want to use with your data lake are Hadoop compatible. It’s called the Hadoop ecosystem, and it includes a wide plethora of products like Stream, Spark, Storm, etc. Read on >

New to Big Data? Here’s a Cheat Sheet

Datalicious: The Sexiest Platforms for Streaming Big Data in 2017

Read: Datalicious: The Sexiest Platforms for Streaming Big Data in 2017

If you’re just getting your analytics act together, no worries. One of the benefits of being a Big Data late bloomer is that you won’t have to waddle through all of the platforms and products that came and went during the nebulous early years. Read on >

We Hope to See You There!

Join us at DataWorks Summit 2017 in San Jose

Visit us at DataWorks Summit at booth #1102! We’ll show you how we can help you get trusted insights from ALL your data.

Also, don’t miss our customer presentation with Progressive Insurance: “Journey to the Data Lake: How Progressive Paved a Faster, Smoother Path to Increase Enterprise Adoption” on June 13th at 12:20 PM in Room 211


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