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Attendees and Vendors Educate Each Other on Data Quality and Data Governance at DGIQ 2017

On June 13th and 14th, Trillium sponsored and attended the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference (DGIQ) in San Diego. There were familiar faces from the Collibra user group that was held in Jersey City a few weeks earlier. Attendees from the US, Norway, Brazil and other countries came by the booth to learn about Trillium or understand how we fit into the data governance space.

Most DGIQ attendees were in the planning stages trying to understand what data governance encompasses from a solution perspective. Others were already looking at data governance solutions such as Collibra and wanted to see our solution.

Talking to DGIQ Attendees

DGIQ: Looking at data quality

Data Quality proved to be of strong interest to DGIQ 2017 attendees as part of their Data Governance initiatives

We talked to many of the attendees about their data governance and data quality initiatives. It was very interesting to see the varying degrees of “maturity” in their organizations in setting up their data governance practices. Most were starting tactically, then looking to show success, and follow their success by building out their data governance implementations. Data quality was of strong interest to all attendees (hence part of the name of the conference) and in many cases, is the one area they want to start with.

Data Governance: Ensuring the success of the digital enterprise

The DGIQ attendees were very interested in the Trillium Discovery Center’s profiling and business rule capabilities. Many of them were not sure what was included in the profiling and were impressed that we had some many profiling rules available out-of-the-box. They really liked how they could create non-technical/SQL statements in the business rules to further interrogate their data based on their specific business needs. There was also a lot of excitement about the upcoming feature around decoupling the business rules – they saw this capability as a benefit that helps them tackle compliance needs or regulations that require the data cannot leave their environments. There were even some demos around TS Quality and DMX-h as others were interested in our product offerings.

Syncsort + Trillium Software + Collibra

Our data governance partnership announcement with Collibra was also a topic of interest. Attendees were interested in how the partnership and integration will work. They were excited to learn that we have existing and planned integration between Trillium Software’s data quality products with Collibra Data Governance Center.

We walked them through the governance flow demo where business rules can be created in Trillium Discovery Center and in Collibra, the business term groups Critical Data Element’s (CDE) with a data value to a business rule(s) integrates with the Trillium business rule. This integration provides data stewards visibility into the trustworthiness of their data. This was very helpful for them to see to clarify how the two applications would integrate and the functionality that each one provided.

Data Governance Leads to Good Data Quality (and Vice Versa)

In addition, there were great expert sessions for attendees to get more use information. Our own Keith Kohl presented, “Data Governance Leads to Good Data Quality (and vice versa).”

DGIQ: Data Governance leads to good Data Quality (and VIce Versa)

Keith Kohl talks about the relationship between data governance and data quality during his DGIQ session

In the session, Keith talked about how data governance and data quality are intrinsically linked, and as the strategic importance of data grows in an organization, the intersection of these practices grows in importance, too.  He discussed the connections and dependencies between data governance and data quality, and provided a practical approach for combining the two to deliver to the business data that is accurate, trusted and fit for purpose.

It was a great experience helping to educate attendees on Trillium’s  data quality solutions and getting insight into their data governance challenges.

For tips on improving data governance in your organization, watch “Data Governance: Ensuring the Success of the Digital Enterprise,” to see what four simple actions you can take today!


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